Medellin Deja Vu All Over Again?

Investment Comparisons for Medellin and Puerto Rico and How to Achieve 15-20% Total Returns

I feel a bit like Yogi Berra as I think about what I saw in Medellin in 2006 and what I am now seeing in Puerto Rico in 2018.

I know some people back in 2007 thought I was nuts in starting a company with one part time employee and no office in Medellin Colombia. Now we have 100 employees, offices in Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena and Cali because of the great value proposition, and now world appreciation of Medellin.

Of course Medellin was cheap because of Pablo Escobar, fear of the drug cartels and FARC operations. Now Pablo is dead, the drug cartels scattered and we have a peace treaty in place with the FARC.

Of course, Puerto Rico has been in the news for the past several years with one bit of bad news after the other. Government corruption, bond defaults, expiration of Manufacturing Act 963, talent migration to the US and the devastating hurricane Irma.

But before the hurricane hit Puerto Rico our team was on the ground and discovered these interesting comparisons between Medellin and Puerto Rico:




Puerto Rico


3.7 million

3.5 million


Latino, Family Centric, Love of Dance and Music – locals called Paisas

Latino, Family Centric, Love of Dance and Music – locals called Puertoricaños

Real Estate Prices

Lowest cost per sq meter for any cosmopolitan city worldwide

Less than Medellin for comparable touristic areas

Business Incentives for Foreign Companies



Vacation Rental Market Rates


Even Higher

Airbnb Rental Market Competition




Strong and growing every year

Strong and growing every year and higher than Colombia




Visa requirements for US citizens

Tourist or other visas required


Mortgages/Leverage Available to Investors


Yes, and at low rates similar to the US

Travel from North America

Some direct flights from Atlanta, NYC, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

Closer to US mainland and more direct flights


Not much English spoken

Many bi lingual residents

Tax Advantages for US Citizens


If comply with Act 20 or Act 22 could be as low as 0% corporate and 4% personal

Marketing Slogans

World´s Best Kept Secret

& City of Eternal Spring

World´s Second Best Kept Secret &

Miami Beach at 1/4th the Price

Expected Total Returns for Real Estate Investing




And people tend to forget that places where hurricanes hit come out better afterwards. Look at Homestead FL after Andrew hit. Totally rebuilt and stronger than ever. My ex hometown in Naples FL got hit by a Cat 5 Maria and hardly broke a window. Cuba always seems to recover quickly. And Puerto Rico will do the same. In fact just this past week they announced the privatization of the national power company. A great sign for Puerto Rico´s recovery and moving in the right direction.

So in a nutshell what we see in Puerto Rico today is an even a better situation than is Medellin, with Puerto Rico´s low acquisition costs, high rental rates, phenomenal  tax advantages and the use of leverage to drive investor returns even higher than what we have been able to achieve in Colombia.

Just like Medellin in 2006, get informed now and beat the crowd to Puerto Rico. Be on the ground floor to one of the world´s best investment situations.

By joining us in Puerto Rico Apr 24-26 at the Marriott Candado Beach you can see for yourself.  We have a panel of leading experts who will walk you through how Puerto Rico is expanding its tourism, the economic development recovery plans, coverage of Acts 20 and 22 that could possibly give you a corporate tax bracket 0% and a personal tax rate of 4%. Plus get to see first-hand LifeAfar / FAR International's first three PREPS (Packaged Real Estate Projects) each with forecasted double digit returns exceeding anything that we have done in Colombia.

Rich Holman

Founder LifeAfar / FAR International